Sunday, 25 October 2015

ACCA Sharing Session

ACCA Sharing Session was held on 18th of June 2015. This event was held with the aim to explain to students in regard of the procedures of getting an ACCA qualification. As the world is changing, career in accounting is becoming more competitive than ever. Because of that, professional qualification such as ACCA may help students to get an edge over other job seekers. These are among the pictures taken during the event:

Li Qi as the designated MC of the day.
Among the participants attending the talk.
Our guest speaker, Mr. Clement, giving us an insight about ACCA papers
Token of appreciation given by the chairperson, Aliif, to the guest speaker, Mr. Clement.
Group photo taken at the end of the event

AFSA's 6th Batch Central Committees

We humbly would like to express our gratitude to the previous batch who had trained and helped us a lot before we hold the office. Without you guys, we are nothing. With the duty and responsibility that are given to us, we will do our best in developing AFSA towards success. Although it will not be a walk in the park, at least we will have each of us to stand side by side and to support each other. Together, let's make AFSA great!


On the 26th June of 2015, AFSA witnessed its replacement of office bearers from the 5th batch to 6th batch central committees. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are among the photos taken during the AGM:

 Keith Ng, AFSA's 5th batch president, as the designated MC of the day.

 Speech by Ms. Ho, ex adviser of AFSA

 Speech by Keith.

 Among the attendees of the AGM


 Speech by Jia Loon, 5th batch Publicity & Public Relationship chief.

Here they are, the 6th batch central committees!

Speech by AFSA's 6th president, Aliif.

 Speech by Weng Sim, AFSA's current treasurer.

Speech by current PPR chief, Carol.

Among the photos of prize giving ceremony for organizing committees of past events:

 A group photo of 5th and 6th batch of central committees, along with the rest of the organizing committees marking the end of AFSA's 5th AGM.

The replacement marks the passing of baton, ensuring a continuous success in bringing AFSA towards betterment. Thanks to the training and coaching given by the previous batch, we, the 6th batch central committees will do our best in ensuring AFSA to be the best association that UCSI has ever had!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Wongamania Financial Game Workshop

29th of January 2015
9.30am – 2.00pm
Multipurpose Hall, 4th floor, Block A, UCSI University South Wing

In January 2015, AFSA organised Wongamania Financial Game Workshop. The workshop was conducted based on the Wongamania card game. Wongamania is an economic card game based on modern economic theories. It is the first of the series of financial games. The game introduces the basic rules of macroeconomics and teaches players on how to make use of these rules to make sound investment decisions in a world of economic uncertainty and volatility. Designed by independent games studio, Capital Gains LLP, Wongamania contains 143 cards with 53 uniquely designed artwork and interactive content that make learning about economics, assets, taxes, and interest rates, fun and interesting.   In the world of Wongamania, participants were able to learnt about multiple economic scenarios in the shortest time possible and experienced the anxiety of being betrayed by financial uncertainties!

This event was a great success as participants learnt and gained some important and useful insights. Thank you, Bursa Malaysia for coming over to share this meaningful event.

Wongamania Cards! 

List of cards in Wongamania

Economic Cycle in Wongamania!

Briefing by Mr Xeo Lye

Let the game begins!

Participants were given a chance to win Wongamania cards by joining in a selfie competition! And the lucky winner is…. Ms . Teressa Tan! Congratulations! Hope you enjoy playing with your Wongamania cards! :) 

Prize giving ceremony ! Congrats to Ms. Teressa!

Presentation of token of Appreciation to Mr. Xeo from Ms. Ho Wai Kee

Group photo marking the end of the event!

Thank you for your continuous support to AFSA!

Best Regards,
Jessica Wijaya
Publicity Assistant

“Bursa Malaysia Industrial Visit”

26th September 2014 (Friday)
Bursa Malaysia Berhad
9.00am- 3.30pm

Last September, AFSA organized an industrial visit to Bursa Malaysia that has received a warm response from the members . It was a fun and memorable event where we had the chance to visit Bursa Malaysia and improve our networking skill with corporate people. Through this event, participants were able to enhance their learning experiences and knowledge by engaging themselves in the working space bound together with several talks prepared by Bursa Malaysia Berhad.

This visit was organised to allow participants to gain an exposure to today’s business world which will give them useful insight of the business operations and processes. As well as to gather knowledge on how companies perform to achieve top efficiency and effectiveness through internal and external control management. Besides that, participants were given a chance to gain the first hand information about the structural organization of the industry and to get the idea of how industry set and achieve their goals and objectives. Furthermore, participants gained knowledge that helped them to understand the major departments and their functions in the working and processing areas of the corporate world and the skills required for each job functions.

We would like to thank Bursa Malaysia for this meaningful opportunity. It was a good experience that we will not forget! 

Time to board on the bus!!

We have finally reached Bursa Malaysia!

Talks by Bursa will be commenced soon! 

First Sharing Session by Mr David 

Token of Appreciation given to Mr David 

More Sharing Session from Mr Warren Mak 

Speech by Mr Keith to thankBursa Malaysia for the opportunity

Token of Appreciation from Ms Lim Hui Min to Mr Warren Mak 

It has finally came to the end of our visit and we had to bid our good bye to Bursa Malaysia. At the end of our visit, were given the chance to visit the Bull and Bear park which symbolizes Bursa Malaysia .

The Group photo of this visit. Thank you, for joining us!

Best Regards,
Jessica Wijaya
Publicity Assistant

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Ausscar Financial Knowledge Unlocked Workshop ( May - September 2014)

1.      31 May 2014
2.      13 June 2014
3.      28 June 2014
4.      11 July 2014
5.      26 July 2014
6.      20 September 2014
UCSI University South Wing
9.30AM – 12.30AM

         Ausscar Financial Knowledge Unlocked Workshop was organized by Ausscar Group (AG). AG is an investment holding that provides integrated financial services, technology solutions and advisory services. AG owns three subsidiaries as Oscar Wealth Advisory Sdn Bhd (Oscar Wealth), Ausscar Capital Holding Sdn Bhd (Ausscar Capital) and Wealth Pursuit Sdn Bhd (Wealth Pursuit). One of their missions is to work together with their clients and advisors to achieve their client’s financial goals and dreams.

      There were 6 talks in total and the talks and activities were prepared by Ausscar Group. From these talks, participants were able to understand the financial planning technique, the difference of all types of investment and what are the levels of risk for each investment. In addition, participants gained the chance to engage in the real investment world by evaluating the financial chart. The purpose of this series of talks is to teach participants of the different investment methods and to find out what kind of investment is really suitable for them..

Module 2

It’s finally the Registration time!

 Sharing session by Mr Jim Tee

Group photo for Module 2

Module 3

 Mr Jim Tee's Sharing session in the 3rd Module

Group Photo

Module 4

Registration time! 4th module is starting soon!!

Sharing session by Ms. Sharon Tan

Group Photo

Module 5

Sharing session by Mr Ching Chee Pun

Group photo of the 5th Module

Module 6

Group Photo for the Last Module ! :)

Certificate given by Mr Jim Tee to the Organizing Chairperson (Ms Lilian)

Certificate- giving session to the participants by AFSA 's Advisor (Ms. Ho Wai Kee)

         Ausscar modules in 2014, have finally came to an end.  AFSA would like to thank Ausscar Group and the support from our members in making the event a success! ^_^ 

Best Regards,
Jessica Wijaya
Publicity Assistant