Friday, 16 May 2014

Kick Start with FSTEP

Date: 18th February 2014

Time: 2pm - 5pm

Venue: Multipurpose Hall, MPH

AFSA organized an event titled “Kick Start with FSTEP” in February. The objective of this event is to introduce FSTEP programme which is known as Financial Sector Talent Enrichment Programme to the participants by the Public Relation Specialist from FSTEP. This event is beneficial especially to the final year students to clear their doubts and to recommend a career pathway for them after graduation. Besides that, there is also a sharing session of the importance of soft skills by an experienced soft skill trainer. This sharing session helps participants to train and understand themselves better as well as to prepare themselves to face the real working world. This event is a great success as participants get to learn and gain some important and useful insights. Thank you FSTEP for coming over to share this meaningful event.

 Introduction of FSTEP Programme

Soft Skill Sharing Session

Group photo of the day

How to Invest Like An Idiot and Trade Like A Pro Seminar 2014

Date: 11th March 2014

Time: 9:30am - 2:45pm

Venue: Multipurpose Hall, MPH

During the month of March, AFSA organized a seminar together with Financial Youth Intelligence (FYI) on ‘How to Invest Like an Idiot & Trade Like a Pro. This seminar helps youth to stand out, learn to build a portfolio of financial assets they can actually care about, and take advantage of the investor’s best friend – time – to watch their financial portfolio multiply. In times of uncertainty, traditional advice about money & investments may no longer hold. 

In this exclusive seminar, participants will gain a fresh look at all aspects of money & investing. Most importantly, participants will learn:
 - Investing isn’t a pro’s world anymore. Why some of the fund managers couldn’t even beat the chimpanzees? Yes! I’m talking about monkeys!
- What are the silly mistakes that most people makes when it comes to spending, savings & investing?
- Why traditional advices like ‘High Risk High Return’, ‘Invest for Long Term’ & ‘Dollar Cost Averaging’ is nothing but a MYTH?
- How to get started investing in stocks, gold, silver, and real estate with just a few hundred ringgits?
- Discover the mindset and psychology of real traders and market wizards.

The well known speakers for this exclusive seminar are Mr. Benny Lee and Mr. Jonathan Quek. Besides this two well known speakers, there are also speakers from Bursa Malaysia, Kenanga Investment Bank and many more to share about their companies background.

During this seminar, participants could grab the opportunity to meet the corporate partners such as Kenanga Investment Bank, Bursa Malaysia and many more to understand better about the corporate partners. Besides from learning throughout this seminar, participants could stand a chance to own a 1oz Maple Silver Coins during the lucky draw session and a chance to win a Keep Investment Simple and Stupid Book (KISS) by Jonathan Quek and Benny Lee.

This seminar is a great success to AFSA. Thank you for participating in How to Invest Like An Idiot and Trade Like A Pro Seminar and also FYI for collaborating with AFSA. Congratulations to the participants for making the first move towards increasing your financial intelligence! See you again in the future.

Speaker from FYI

Speaker form Bursa Malaysia

 Speaker form Kenanga

  Mr. Jonathan Quek

 Mr. Benny lee

Lunch Time! Teaching session on eating Kebab

 Silver coin for lucky draw session

 The Organizing Committees. Good Job!!

Big group photo to mark the end of the seminar

Clubs Day for January - May 2014 @ South Wing [15th January 2014]

Clubs Day is back!!

It's time for us to recruit more members!

As usual, our main objective is to welcome new members and recruiting talented members to be the organizing committees. This time around, we are promoting our upcoming events with our booth decorated with a simple concept. At the same time, we are giving away free Bio-essence sachets cards. Thanks to Bio-essence Malaysia for sponsoring AFSA. 

Not to forget, Welcome to AFSA family!

AFSA's upcoming events

Beauty Skincare Workshop

Date: 24th January 2014

Time: 2pm - 4pm

Venue: Block A, South Wing

AFSA is not only organizing events related to Accounting and Finance but also to a varieties of events for the benefit of the members. This time around, AFSA together with Bio-essence Malaysia had organized a beauty skincare workshop at UCSI University. In this workshop, Bio-essence Malaysia shares the skincare tips and as well as tips for a healthy lifestyle. It is a meaningful workshop especially to female participants as Bio-essence provides guidance on face caring tips. Besides that, participants are entitled for a free skin consultation and they could bring home with a product goodie bag worth RM90. It is very beneficial to the participants and the committees as well.  
A very big thank you to Bio-essence Malaysia!!

  Demonstrating time

 Participants are trying on the product

 Participants are happy on receiving the goodie bag

 Group photo to mark the end of the event

Chinese New Year Gathering

Date: 24th January 2014

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: The One Steamboat, Taman Connaught

Just after the Beauty Skincare Workshop, AFSA had organized a gathering to celebrate Chinese New Year before the holiday starts and everyone rushing back to their hometown. It is a happy moment and long awaited day for each and everyone because all the AFSA current and ex-committees get to gather again and to catch up with each other. From the founder, 1st batch of central committees to the current batch and as well as all the previous organizing committees and current committees, all of them attended this gathering. Everyone are happy and satisfied with this gathering and thanks to AFSA for organizing a memorable gathering.

 'Lou Sang' Time

 AFSA's Official Photographers

 Part of the current committees

AFSA's big family photo

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Gathering 2013

Date: 24th December 2013

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: Ulovemee Café

On Christmas Eve, AFSA organize a gathering to celebrate Christmas and to meet up with the organizing committees and core committees and at the same time, we are celebrating AFSA’S President and Vice President Birthday. A few activities are carried out such as acting game, guessing game, and eating biscuits game. Not to forget, there are gift exchange activity and lucky draw too. Specially thanks to our business partner, U Love Mee Café for being our sponsor for lucky draw and preparing delicious Christmas dishes for us. 

Thank you for joining!!

 Winner for Game

Winner for Game

 Champion for Game

3rd Prize for Lucky Draw

2nd Prize for Lucky Draw

1st Prize for Lucky Draw

 Happy Birthday Ms. President & Mr. Vice President

 Group Photo with the prezzie

 Happy Birthday Mr. Eng, U Love Mee's Boss